Welcome to Razzle Frazzle!

Razzle Frazzle has officially been launched!


What started as a semi-alcohol induced suggestion for a Twitter username (thank you, Brittney) has turned into a blog run by three ridiculous human beings: Christine (master mixologist, arts & crafts major and MacGyver), Danielle (hobo extraordinaire with a penchant for Lean Pockets) and Nicole (culinary experimenter and social media marketing pro). 

Razzle Frazzle is about turning the cheap and mundane into something shiny and fabulous. Whether it’s food, alcohol or even plastic spoons, we believe that even the least expensive things can be elevated to awesomeness with a little bit of creativity and know-how. Follow our shenanigans as we attempt to combine the Razzle and Frazzle in everyday life.


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