Photo Tutorial: DIY Off-the-Shoulder Halter Top


I’ve accumulated a lot of oversized t-shirts over the years – from dance recitals, work uniforms, even a few lavish Sweet 16 parties. After attempting to clean my closet and donate some clothes, I came across a shirt that I hadn’t worn in quite some time. My hand hovered over the donation bag for a few moments, but I wasn’t quite ready to part with “Dancin’ Down Memory Lane” just yet.


“THIS SHIRT IS MY LIFEBLOOD!” -me, apparently

At that moment, I had a better idea: I could just up-cycle the shirt into something more fashion-forward! After some trial-and-error on a few other tees (rest in peace “Rap Dancin”), I was able to turn my old t-shirt into a cute off-the-shoulder halter top. All you need is an oversized t-shirt, a marker, and a pair of scissors! Below, my method:

1. Mark out your cuts! I measured 2 fingers’ width from the shoulder seam on each side, and scooped the neck from there. Then, I marked just above the seams at the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. The sleeves are purely aesthetic, but you’ll need the bottom of the shirt.

2. Cut out the collar, sleeves, and bottom of shirt. Take the circular scrap from the bottom of the shirt; cut it open to form one long piece of fabric. (You can discard the other scraps.)
3. Cut two parallel slits at the top center of the shirt. Make sure that the slits are as close together as possible, and that you only cut through the front side! You can make the slits a bit smaller than I did – I made them a bit larger for demonstration purposes.

4. Take your long strip of fabric and thread one end through each of the slits, pulling the fabric all the way through. This creates the halter portion of the shirt.

5. Tie the halter into a knot or bow, make any last-minute cuts or adjustments to your liking, and voila! You’ve just transformed your boring old shirt into an adorable off-the-shoulder tee. Wear and enjoy!


Old shirt, new look. Lifeblood intact.


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