DIY Mason Jar Picture and Pen Holder Set

So, according to Pinterest, mason jars and absolutely EVERYTHING you can do with them are a really big thing and have been for a little while now. Maybe I’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but since we made a couple of homemade jams and mason jars only come in sets of like, 400 (okay, 6), I wanted to do something creative with the leftover jars.

I had already decided I wanted to use the jar part as a pen holder in my office, but that still left the lid. After realizing I had nothing of interest on my desk, I thought it would be cute to use a wire hanger, somehow affix it to the underside of the jar lid, and make a picture holder. With a little bit of plaster of Paris and an old wire hanger, I (but really Christine) created this fun little desk accessory set. Feel free to paint/decorate the jar and/or base with whatever material you’d like!


DIY Mason Jar Picture and Pen Holder Set



Wire coat hanger
Mason jar lid
¼ cup Plaster of Paris (dry)
1/8 cup water
Food coloring or paints/markers


If the jar lid is in two separate pieces, hot glue them together. Otherwise, skip to step two.

Disassemble the coat hanger and use the pliers to bend the top into a shape that will hold a picture. Make sure the bottom is a solid shape that takes up most of the inside of the jar lid. The crude MS Paint sketch below is what we did.


Mix the Plaster of Paris and water according to package directions. Stand the hanger inside the jar lid and pour the mixture in. Discard leftover mixture in trash. (NEVER down a drain!)

If using food coloring, mix it in immediately. If painting or using markers, wait a full 24 hours for the Plaster of Paris to set.


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