RuPaulloween – A Photo Recap

So, we know the Christmas season has officially begun, but let’s flash back to Halloween for a moment, shall we? This recap is about a month late, but bear with us…it’s totally worth it.

As theater kids, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. An excuse to make and wear ridiculous costumes? We’re there. For the past couple of years, we’ve been the resident “Halloween party throwers” among our group of friends (you can see a recap of last year’s shindig on Healthy Way to Cook, complete with Avengers costumes), and this Halloween, we decided to air on the side of fabulousness and do a drag queen-themed party.

RuPaul is the Queen of…err…queens, so naturally, RuPaul’s Drag Race was the focus of the party. We went back through our favorite seasons and brainstormed outfits, cleverly titled menu items and ridiculous party activities. While there is regrettably no recorded evidence of our drag pumpkins (yes, we bought little plastic pumpkins and sat around a table decorating them with glitter, rhinestones and lip-shaped stickers…we are 5-year-olds) or the “Lip Sync for Your Life” contest, we got plenty of pictures of the stuff that really counts: the costumes and the food.

And now, dear readers, we present to you a photo recap of RuPaulloween:

We asked everyone to come dressed as either someone from RuPaul’s Drag Race OR a fabulous pop culture icon celebrated by the gay community — i.e., Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears (all of whom were represented at our party). From left to right, we had Becca as Alexis Mateo, Christie as the incomparable RuPaul herself, Nicole as Alyssa Edwards, Erin as Michelle Visage (not a drag queen, though it’s a common misconception), Danielle as Alaska, and Dan as Santino Rice.

RuPaulloween (12)

For the menu, we scoured the seasons of Drag Race and found some notable quotes that could be translated into food items. Here are a few clever ones that we were really proud of. You have to be pretty familiar with the show to appreciate the word puns, but apparently our guests informed us that the food itself was awesome. Recipes for the best ones are coming soon!

RuPaulloween (1)

“Girl, look how orange you f*ckin’ look!” Jello Shots


“Get a CHIP, get a life, and get over it” assorted chips (Top); “Serving Fishy Realness” Goldfish” (bottom left); “Ooh, I DO look like Doritos!” (bottom right)


Top to bottom: "Two Piece (and a Biscuit)" chicken tenders; "Bitch, I am from Chicago!" deep dish pizza bites (gluten and dairy free); Meatballs with grape jelly sauce "cause jam don't shake"; La-Cheese Royale mozzarella sticks

Top to bottom: “Two Piece (and a Biscuit)” chicken tenders; “Bitch, I am from Chicago!” deep dish pizza bites (gluten and dairy free); Meatballs with grape jelly sauce “cause jam don’t shake”; La-Cheese Royale mozzarella sticks

"P-P-P-Peanut Butter" pies with Manila [Luzon] wafer crust; "Lil' Poundcakes" with strawberry jelly filling

“P-P-P-Peanut Butter” pies with Manila [Luzon] wafer crust; “Lil’ Poundcakes” with strawberry jelly filling

Naturally we had to make a checkered cake in honor of the drag race flags, so we decided to make it checkered inside and out:

RuPaulloween (2)

RuPaulloween (6)

Oh, and did we mention that we built a photobooth?

RuPaulloween Photo Booth

We’ll have a tutorial for it….eventually. But for now, let’s just suffice it to say that it was a pretty big hit.

Alaska was crowned the "winner" of RuPaulloween.

Alaska was crowned the “winner” of RuPaulloween.

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