Razzle Frazzle Recap: The First Year

So, you’ve probably noticed we’ve started slacking a little with our posting. Fear not—we haven’t disappeared! We’re just…ugh, we’re lazy, okay? We’re definitely busy, but we’re also really lazy. We promise we’re going to try to do better, especially with bathing suit season around the corner. Recipes for healthy dinners and low-fat baked goods are coming your way!

While we get our crap together and figure out a posting strategy, we figured we would take a look back at Razzle Frazzle’s first year (our “blogiversary” was about two weeks ago) and recap our five favorite recipes. Click on the pictures for the recipe!

-The Razzle Frazzle Team

The “Razzle Frazzle”

The "Razzle Frazzle" shot
The shot that started it all!

Banana bread

Low fat banana bread - RazzleFrazzleBlog.com


We use this recipe for muffins ALL the time, and almost prefer them in that form. Just bake it for 5 minutes less than the recipe says.

Copycat Pop ‘Ems

Easy Copycat Pop'ems Donuts - Razzle Frazzle

Cake pop pans = our secret weapon for making Pop ‘Em replicas.

Copycat Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Copycat Chipotle burrito bowl - RazzleFrazzleBlog.com

Another copycat recipe. This one’s a little bit time and labor-intensive, but so worth it. Just as delicious with a whole lot less sodium!

Cheesy broccoli bites

Cheesy Broccoli Bites - Razzle Frazzle
Baked, not fried, this lower-fat appetizer is great for parties.


Here’s to a great first year of blogging. We’re looking forward to what our second year brings!


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