A collection of DIY projects in our home

We tend to focus a lot on food here at Razzle Frazzle. When we started this blog, it was intended to be that way. But since crafting is such a big part of our lives, it only seems fitting that we throw in a DIY post here and there. Without actually giving full tutorials (maybe someday), here are three successful DIY projects that have found a place in our apartment:

Patron Bottle Lamp

Patron Bottle Lamp - Razzle Frazzle

This lamp was actually made/given to us as a housewarming gift from our wonderful friend Jesse. We made our own version, but the original is near and dear to our hearts. The process is a little complex and involves some potentially hazardous glass drilling operations, but once that part is done, all you need is a lamp kit (about $10 at Home Depot), some glass or plastic beads, and a lampshade. Oh, you’ll probably also need some kind of rubber or plastic stopper to hold the cord in place once the hole is drilled. The name escapes me, but those are in Home Depot somewhere too.

Utensil Clock


Inspired by a far-too-expensive version of this that we found in Target a while back, we made this adorable kitchen decoration using clear plastic cutlery and a cheap wall clock. This one’s pretty straightforward—paint the utensils, hot glue ’em to the back when they’ve dried, and hang. Simple as that.

NES Controller Flash Drive

NES Controller Flash Drive 3

Pretty sure we couldn’t replicate this if we tried. Christie cracked open an old NES controller and stuffed it with cotton and a special flash drive cord she’d pulled from somewhere else. That’s about all I know and all she remembers about how she made it. It is a super cool DIY gift for a gamer, though.

-Nicole and Christie

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