Razzle Frazzle Sangria

“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to share my classic sangria recipe.”

This recipe was passed down to me by a wise old man, namely my friend Sam’s grandfather. We were staying with her grandparents in Florida for Spring Break (WOO!) in 2012, and this was one of the best things about the entire trip.

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Sam’s grandpa taught us to remember “3, 2, 1” for this recipe: 3 parts triple sec, 2 parts peach schnapps and 1 part brandy. Feel free to adjust the amounts to the serving size you need. This recipe makes enough for about 4 people, which isn’t nearly enough. Ever.

Oh, and a quick word to the wise…be careful with the schnapps. Use regular 30(ish) proof. NEVER use “99” brand, which, as the name implies, is 99 proof. We learned that one the hard way.


Sangria (Razzle Frazzle)

Spring Break Sangria

-1 bottle of red wine
-1 12 oz. can or 1 ½ c. ginger ale
-2 12 oz. cans or 3 c. Sprite
-1 ½ oz. triple sec
-1 oz. peach schnapps
-½ oz. brandy
-Sliced fruit (I used 1 apple, 1 orange, and 1 peach per bottle of wine)

Combine wine, triple sec, schnapps, brandy, and fruit in a large bowl or pitcher and refrigerate overnight. Stir in soda just before serving.

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