Pumpkin Cannoli Cones with Chocolate Chips

Bring on the boots and sweaters and call in the backup supplies of pumpkin—it’s officially fall.

Back in 2012 when I was the managing editor of Healthy Way to Cook, I was always asked to come up with fun, healthy, seasonal recipes to post on the site. Since pumpkin is pretty much the official flavor of fall, these pumpkin cannoli cones were among the many pumpkin-inspired recipes I created that year. They’re not really health food, admittedly…but I kind of couldn’t pass this up after I saw them on Lauren’s Latest.

Aside from being one of the easiest, fastest and most delicious pumpkin desserts I’ve ever made, there’s another reason these light and airy pumpkin-filled sugar cones are near and dear to my heart. This recipes was one in a series of dishes the Razzle Frazzle team (before we were actually Razzle Frazzle) made over a 36-hour cooking/baking spree one weekend. It was just over a month after Christine and I started dating, and despite the fact that she had known Danielle (my sister, for those of you who haven’t figured that out yet) for years, it was the first time the three of us had ever spent an extended period of time together. I wasn’t sure what the dynamic would be like for either of them, in light of our relatively new relationship, but over the course of that weekend, a mutual understanding emerged among the three of us that this was going to work out. That this was right, and we should keep on being this bizarre, non-conventional little family unit. And that’s just what we’ve done ever since.

All I remember about this picture is a joke about milking a pumpkin cow. We're strange humans.

All I remember about this picture is a joke about milking a pumpkin cow. We’re strange humans.

Danielle asked me yesterday if I had a “moment” when I knew Christine was “the one,” and I said no, because the realization just kind of crept up on me. Looking back now, I think the weekend we first made these cannoli cones was the moment I opened my eyes to that realization.


pumpkin-cannoli-cones-razzlefrazzle (1)

Pumpkin Cannoli Cones

Adapted from Lauren’s Latest
Makes 8 cannoli cones

½ cup heavy whipping cream
¾ cup pumpkin puree
¾ cup part skim ricotta cheese
¼ cup sugar
½ tsp. pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & allspice)
½ tsp. vanilla
8 sugar cones
¼ cup chocolate chips

Whip cream in a large bowl until firm peaks form and set aside. In a separate bowl, combine pumpkin, ricotta, sugar, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla. Whip for 1 minute, then fold in whipped cream. Transfer the mixture to a pastry bag or gallon-size zip top bag with one bottom corner cut. Pipe filling into sugar cones and top with chocolate chips.

Pumpkin cannoli cones - Razzle Frazzle

Because it’s no fun unless you turn your food into a smiley face.

Featured on Healthy Way to Cook

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