Review: Chrome Girl Nail Polish

There are few beauty products I love more than nail polish. Makeup and hair styles last for a day at the most, but a great manicure gives you a solid week or two of classy, bold, sophisticated and/or colorful personal expression.

Like many individuals with a desk job, I spend 40+ hours a week typing on a computer (and my smartphone/tablet far beyond that), so naturally, my hands are in plain sight for a good portion of any given day. I don’t always take the time to paint my nails, but when I do, I notice that I’m a little more cheerful and motivated at work. I guess it’s true what they say about the effect of colors on your mood.

As much as I love nail polish, however, there are a couple major problems I have with it. First, a bad polish will not only take multiple coats to cover, but chip almost immediately, even with a good top coat. That leads me to issue number two: The more polish you put on, the more contact you have with the toxic chemicals that are in it. And the more it chips, the more likely it is that you’re going to ingest those chemicals (I don’t know about anyone else, but I eat some kind of finger food almost every day).

What’s a health-conscious beauty fanatic to do? You could avoid manicures altogether (nope) or, as I would recommend, you could seek out a polish brand that doesn’t use harmful ingredients.

In my regular life as assistant editor of Business News Daily, I recently received a pitch about Chrome Girl, a vegan, “five-free” nail polish line founded by longtime friends Jaime Boreanaz and Melissa Ravo, with their respective husbands David Boreanaz* and Aaron Ravo.

David Boreanaz - Chrome Girl nail polish (Credit: Getty Images)

Knowing I’m a David Boreanaz fan, the publicist sent me a print-out of this picture with my Chrome Girl samples. THAT’S good PR. (Credit: Getty Images)

I featured these two lovely ladies’ advice in a BND roundup of advice for female entrepreneurs, but I wanted to know more about this incredible nail polish that is not only free of eight chemicals found in standard polishes (formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, acetone, silicone), but also comes in a dazzling assortment of bold, beautiful colors.

I received three sample bottles of Chrome Girl polish: A playful pastel pink called “Pillow Talk,” a classic bright red called “Sweet Spot,” and a more subdued nude tone called “Tan Cheeks” (by the way, their fun, flirty color names are excellent).

Chrome Girl vegan, low-chemical nail polish (

Chrome Girl’s “Pillow Talk,” “Sweet Spot” and “Tan Cheeks” (L to R)

Chrome Girl nail polish (

Since spring is FINALLY on its way here in Jersey, I decided to go with “Pillow Talk.” For such a light color, the coverage was amazing — I think I could have gotten away with a single coat of polish, but I put a second on just to be safe. I did use a top coat (a regular old chemical-filled one, but Chrome Girl has a line of nail care products beyond colored polish), so I can’t attest to how well the polish holds up on its own, but I will say that I did my nails almost a week ago and I don’t have a single chip.

Chrome Girl - "Pillow Talk" (

My Chrome Girl manicure

At $12 a bottle, Chrome Girl is a little on the higher end of the nail polish price range (even the notoriously expensive Sephora’s polishes start at $6.50). But for what you’re getting — a long-lasting, healthy-to-use polish in great colors — it’s definitely worth the money. In fact, I’m seriously considering replacing a good portion of my nail polish collection with Chrome Girl. Why would I willingly use a product I know is toxic when there’s an alternative out there that David Boreanaz is partially responsible for?

For the full collection of nail polishes and related products, including a line of NHL team colors, visit


*Yes, that would be David Boreanaz of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Bones, all of which I love. Hi, David. We’re huge fans. If you see this, what was your favorite season of Angel to work on? Also, is TJ Thyne anything like Hodgins in real life? He just seems like he would actually be all the best things about his character.

Disclosure: A Chrome Girl representative provided me with the sample polishes discussed in this review. I was not obligated to write about the product and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are mine.


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  1. […] Co-founded by Jaime Boreanaz (wife of one of our favorite actors, David Boreanaz and a pure delight on Instagram!), Chrome Girl nail polish is cruelty-free and eliminates many of the harmful chemicals found in standard polishes. We loved getting the chance to try and review these fun colors! (Read more) […]

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