Photo Recap: Alcohalloween

Took a little longer than we’d hoped, but we finally have our Alcohalloween photo recap ready. This wasn’t everyone at the party, but we wanted to share the exceptionally creative DIY costumes some of our friends came up with (and of course, ours!). Enjoy our sartorial renditions of delicious alcoholic beverages—complete with recipes!

Out of respect for our friends’ privacy, we’ve covered their faces with emojis. Also, it’s kind of fun to look at.

Midori Margarita - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle) Electric Blue Lemonade - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)Mudslide - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)White Russian - - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)Gin & Tonic - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle) Strongbow Cider - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)  Tequila Sunrise - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)  The Bee's Knees - - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle) - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)
And of course…
Cocktail Olive - Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)


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One thought on “Photo Recap: Alcohalloween

  1. […] For this year’s Razzle Frazzle Halloween party, we doubled down on our appreciation for alcoholic beverages and made it the costume theme! Our friends came up with some AWESOME outfits, although Tina decidedly did not like being a cocktail olive. (Read more) […]

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