The Razzle Frazzle Remixed: Patriotic Edition

For those of you who haven’t been following us for very long, that little red and blue drink you see on all our social media accounts (and as our site icon) is called The Razzle Frazzle. It’s an original cocktail recipe that we created as our “signature shot,” and was the very first recipe we published on the blog back in 2013.

A couple of months ago, I received an email from Gina Elise, the founder of the non-profit organization Pin-Ups For Vets. She wrote to tell me how much she loved our site, especially the patriotic-looking Razzle Frazzle. She wondered if there was any way to create a white layer to make it red, white and blue, as an even more visually accurate nod to our nation and its armed forces.

Pin-Ups For Vets

Isn’t their logo adorable?! (Credit: Pin-Ups For Vets)

Gina’s work is truly creative and inspiring. For the last 11 years, Pin-Ups For Vets has been publishing an annual calendar featuring fun, colorful photos of U.S. veterans dressed in 1940s-style military uniforms and vintage attire. The proceeds of calendar sales fund the organization’s veteran and troop initiatives, such as donating equipment to military hospitals, shipping care packages to deployed troops and working with homeless veteran shelters. They also do a lot of in-person veteran outreach with their 50-state VA Hospital Tour, as well as “pampering days” for female veterans and military wives. Gina sent me this clip from The Queen Latifah show, in which Pin-Ups For Vets makes over Army veteran Captain Katie Robinson, who has an incredibly moving story.

To celebrate veterans like Captain Robinson, active military members like my sister-in-law Erin, and all those who have served our country, I decided to take on Gina’s challenge and revamp the original Razzle Frazzle for Memorial Day. This one replaces the half-and-half with pina colada mix for a light, summery coconut flavor.

Here’s how to make your very own red, white and blue Razzle Frazzle shot to enjoy over the holiday weekend. But before you do, be sure to thank a veteran!


The Razzle Frazzle – Patriotic Edition

Makes 1 shot

The Razzle Frazzle - Patriotic Edition

1/2 oz. berry schnapps
1/2 oz. rum (we used Malibu)
1 oz. pre-made pina colada mix
Splash of Curacao
Splash of grenadine syrup

Stir schnapps, rum and pina colada mix together and pour into a small glass.

Add a splash of grenadine to the glass (the grenadine will sink). Then, pour Curacao into a small spoon and carefully drip it into the glass. It should suspend itself in the pina colada layer as pictured above.

Garnish with a fresh raspberry if desired.

The Razzle Frazzle Patriotic Edition (with Tina the Morkie)

Happy Memorial Day from Tina and the Razzle Frazzle Team!

The Razzle Frazzle - Patriotic Edition


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