It started with a silly phrase.

One night, as we sat around our tiny kitchen table in our tiny former apartment, a friend of ours thought “Razzle Frazzle” would be a hilarious name for a Twitter account (along with “Meowza Browza”). We had no idea what it meant, but we ran with it. And then an idea started to form.

Although the phrase Razzle Frazzle apparently has a few origin stories, we realized that it sounded like the perfect description of our life at the time. We were “frazzled”—broke post-grads scraping by on entry-level salaries with hefty student loan debts. But our lack of spare cash didn’t mean living on Ramen noodles and forgoing all home decor. With a little bit of bargain-hunting, creativity and know-how, we learned to put a touch of “razzle” into the cheap and mundane, and turn it into something shiny and fabulous.

In a play on Billy Flynn’s advice to Roxie Hart in “Chicago,” we’ve set out to give you the old Razzle Frazzle, and document our attempts to fake it ’til we make it. On this blog, you’ll find (among other things) our recipes and DIY projects that prove the philosophy we live by: Healthy/delicious/beautiful/elegant doesn’t have to be expensive.


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